Wild Yam Powder

Botanical Name: Dioscorea villosa
Part Used: Root
Dried Method: Spray-dried, freeze-dried
Application: Food, Beverage
Appearance: Off-white Powder

What Is Wild Yam Powder?

Wild yam, also known as colic root or Dioscorea villosa, is a tuberous vine that is native to both China and North America. Although each locale grows a different species of wild yam, both species contain diosgenin, the active ingredient in the plant. Traditionally, the wild yam has been used for a variety of ailments, ranging from menopausal issues to mild cramps, but modern research has shown mixed results as to its effectiveness. Consult with a qualified health practitioner before taking wild yam extract, particularly if you are taking any other medication.

FYZ Wild Yam Powder is a spray-dried/ freeze-dried powder, retains all the vital nutrients and flavor of the fresh wild yam.

Benefits of Wild Yam Powder

1. FYZ Wild Yam Powder Potentially Regulates Blood Sugar

The U.S. National Library of Medicine suggests that wild yam may help regulate blood sugar. This is believed to be due to a substance called dioscoretine and has been studied showing positive results.
Research from the Phytotherapy Research Laboratory at the University of Nigeria found that blood sugar was lowered in diabetic rabbits when administered dioscoretine that was extracted from tubers.

2. May Fight Cancer

A study was conducted in Japan to help determine if wild yam could help reduce the risks of cancer. The study was provoked due to the extensive use of wellness benefits in Japan. While further research is needed, the researchers did find that the rhizome within in the wild yam plant — which produces the major compound dioscin — possessed antiproliferative effects on leukemia cells.

Although it’s often used as a supplement, in the northern part of Japan wild yam is consumed as a healthy food, and this research shows it may be cancer-fighting food.

Furthermore, research published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine found “that wild yam extract acts as a weak phytoestrogen and protects against proliferation in human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells.”

3. Improves Cholesterol Levels

According to a study published in the Journal of Lipid Research, the diosgenin found in wild yam may help raise good HDL cholesterol and lower LDL (the “bad” cholesterol). In the study, rats were given wild yam for a period of one week to determine if diosgenin suppresses cholesterol absorption, and it was found the rats had better HDL to LDL ratio.

Another study conducted on mice and rats suggests that supplementation using wild yam may be beneficial in controlling hypercholesterolemia.

4. Offers Diverticulosis Relief

Wild yam may help treat a disorder of the intestines called diverticulosis. This happens when small pouches form on the colon wall. If they get inflamed, they are referred to as diverticulosis and can be very painful, resulting in constipation and diarrhea, and even fever at times.

Records indicate that diverticulosis is found in 30 percent to 40 percent of people over the age of 50, and it is caused by a highly refined low-fiber diet. So how does wild yam help with diverticulosis?

Wild yam is known to be a good anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory. As an anti-spasmodic, it may help reduce any pain caused by abdominal cramping around the inflamed area. A tincture of wild yam, valerian, cramps bark, and peppermint may offer relief.

5. May Help Reduce Photoaging

Studies indicate that the diosgenin found in wild yam extract may have a “depigmenting effect.” This means it could help with issues such as melasma, melanodermatitis, and sun lentigo — issues that ultimately result in hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is harmless and rather common, but it can be frustrating since it is a skin condition that develops, rather noticeably, as darker patches of skin.

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COA of Wild Yam Powder

Appearance Off-white powder Complies Visual
Odor Characteristic Complies Organoleptic
Tasted Characteristic Complies Organoleptic
Dried Method Freeze-dried Complies
Sieve Analysis 100% pass 80 mesh Complies
Loss on drying 5% Max. 2.55%
Ash 5% Max. 3.45%
Heavy Metal
Total Heavy Metal 10ppm Max Complies Eur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>
Lead 1ppm Max Complies Eur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>
As 1ppm Max Complies Eur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>
Cadmium 1ppm Max. Complies Eur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>
Hg 0.1ppm Max Complies Eur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>
Total Plate Count 1,000CFU/g Max <100CFU/g USP34<61>
Yeast & Mold 100CFU/g Max <10CFU/g USP34<61>
E.Coli Negative Not Detected USP34<62>
Salmonella Negative Not Detected USP34<62>
Coliforms Negative Not Detected USP34<62>