Chinese Mugwort Extract

Botanical Name: Artemisiae Argyi
Part Used: Leaf
Active ingredients:
Appearance: Brown Powder
Specification: 10:1
Package: 25kg/drum

What is Chinese Mugwort Extract?

It is also known as Artemisia Vulgaris in Latin, which is a perennial herb in the composite family. Regularly it can be found along open hillsides, grassy areas, and margin of forests. The best harvesting timing is from May to July when their leaves are in their utmost luxuriance while without blooming yet. And drying in ventilated shade is the way to make them with best medicinal effect.

Mugwort leaves are shrunk and wrinkled with short stalk after drying. The intact one is in oval shape, with pinnate parted in elliptic-lanceolate, irregular margin with coarsely sharply serrate. The upper surface is grayish-green with sparse pubescence and glandular dots; Lower surface is covered with thick whitish pubescence. The preferred one should be with thick leaf, green in color, whitish on lower surface, thick pubescence, and rich aroma.

By the way, it can be consumed now in many forms like tea, powder, pills, and extract, etc.

Health Benefits of Chinese Mugwort Extract

Mugwort contains volatile oil, flavonoids, a sesquiterpene lactone, coumarin derivatives and triterpenes.

Mugwort is most commonly used to treat disorders of the digestive tract and aid in all digestive functions and is said to have properties that are anti-fungal, antibacterial, expectorative and antiasthmatic.

It is considered a good herb for gastric disorder, stomach pain and bowel complaints. It is used for poor appetite, indigestion, travel sickness and stomach acidity.

Mugwort is thought to be effective in treating a wide range of parasitic infections, such as tapeworm, roundworm and thread-worm. It is also considered effective against parasites like ring worms that infect the skin.

Traditionally, this herb is used to stimulate irregular or suppressed menstruation. Some believe it stimulates the uterus and it is useful for menstrual pain and cramps. Furthermore, it has been used to induce miscarriage probably due to the herb’s ability to interfere with menstruation.

Additionally, mugwort is used as a folk and herbal remedy for various ailments including colds, epilepsy, colic, fevers, asthma, bronchitis, sciatica and kidney problems and there is some scientific indication it can lower blood sugar levels.

Mugwort has also been used as an herbal remedy for nervousness, exhaustion, gout, bruises, chilblains (a foot condition) and depression, especially when it is associated with loss of appetite.

This herb is said to have mild narcotic and sedative properties, which explain its use to promote sleep in cases of insomnia.

Because of its diuretic properties it is thought to have medicinal benefits for the liver, spleen and kidney. It is also considered an excellent insect repellent.

This herb has mild purgative abilities and can be used as a remedy for constipation.

In folklore it is mostly famous for being considered a “dream” herb, enhancing remembrance of dreams, both during sleep and in trances, and precognitive dreaming or dreaming of future events.

Potential Side Effects of Chinese Mugwort Extract

Normally mugwort has little side effects if used properly. But it has its own share of cautions and contraindications as well in TCM practice. It is only recommended for non-sensitive skin because its volatile oils have mild stimulation on skins, which might lead to fever and flush. Else, using it over a long period of time could inhibit nerve and impair liver, nervous centralis, and blood vessel due to excessive “volatile oils”. The experiment revealed its essential oils have significant inhibiting action on contract of the isolated heart from toad and little impact on heart rate. However, it might develop atrioventricular block and heart failure in a high concentration dosage.

If poisoning occurs after oral ingestion of large doses mistakenly, first gastric lavage and bone carbon adsorption are the way to go. And then place the patient to a quiet room with lower levels of light to avoid unnecessary stimulation.

Based on the description from Ben Cao Bei Yao Ben Cao Bei Yao (Complete Essentials of the Materia Medica) and Ben Jing Feng Yuan (Journey to the Source of the Materia Medica Classic), mugwort herb should be avoided by those suffering from blood heat due to Yin deficiency from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view. Hence use it only as directed or consult your doctor when necessary.

Dosage of Chinese Mugwort Extract

There is no established, proven safe or effective dose for mugwort. Traditionally, it is mainly used as tea. Some herbalists recommend 2 cups of mugwort tea using fresh leaves infused for 5 to 10 minutes in boiling water daily for six days.

As a commercial supplement one to two capsules two times daily with water is considered a standard dosage but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Certificate of Analysis

Assay 10:1 TLC Complies
Appearance Brown powder N/A Complies
Particle size 100% pass 80 mesh USP32<786> Complies
Extract Solvents Water/Ethanol N/A Complies
Identification Positive Reaction N/A Complies
Loss on Drying ≤5.0% Eur.Ph.6.0[2.8.17] Complies
Acid-insoluble ash ≤7.0% Eur.Ph.6.0[2.4.16] Complies
Lead(Pb) ≤1.0mg/kg Eur.Ph6.0<2.2.58>ICP-MS Complies
Arsenic(As) ≤1.0mg/kg Eur.Ph6.0<2.2.58>ICP-MS Complies
Cadmium(Cd) ≤1.0mg/kg Eur.Ph6.0<2.2.58>ICP-MS Complies
Mercury(Hg) ≤1.0mg/kg Eur.Ph6.0<2.2.58>ICP-MS Complies
Solvents Residue Meet Eur.Ph6.0<5.4> Eur.Ph 6.0<2.4.24> Complies
Pesticides Residue Negative USP32<561> Complies
Microbiological Control
Total bacterial count ≤1000cfu/g USP30<61> Complies
Yeast & mold ≤100cfu/g USP30<61> Complies
Salmonella Negative USP30<62> Complies
E.Coli Negative USP30<62> Complies

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  • By Air: Suitable for more than 50kg, 7-15 days
  • By Sea: Suitable for more than 500kg, 15-45days

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